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Bronte Big K CyKlesportive

Bronte Big K CyKlesportive

Date: 17 July 2011
Location: West Yorkshire
Distance: 4.8, 24, 43, 65 & 88 miles
Registration fee: £20 & £25

The inaugural Bronte BIG K CyKlesportive was held 2010 and was instantly hailed as a classic ride to match any in the country by the majority of the field.  The 2011 event promises to be even better!

The event, jointly organised by SportKeighley raises funds for Sue Ryder– Manorlands Hospice.

  • Registration at the Keighley Campus of Leeds City College.
  • Bronte BIGK Memento
  • Timing via chips attatched to bikes/riders for CyKlesportive.
  • Refreshments available at various points on routes 2-5. feed stations kindly sponsored by All Terrain Cycles Bike Store.
  • Something for all abilities.
  • “Race the train” hand-timed in traditional way.


Scenic routes which pass many places and features such as Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Timothy Taylors Brewery, Penistone Hill Country Park, Saltaire, Ilkley Moor and Otley Chevin.

Choice of five routes all starting from Keighley Campus, Leeds City College

Route 1-Traditional Race the Train-4.8 Miles-1 Hill- or junior option which starts at Lees School, Crossroads and is 1.8 miles. (0 Hills!)£5.00

View the route here

The CyKlesportive routes 2-5 are priced at £20/£10 Juniors

(The £20 entry fee applies to entries received before 1st July, after this date entry will be £25)

Route 2-CyKlesportive-24 Miles-4 Hills

As route 1, but also including Leeming, Cullingworth, Harecroft, Wilsden, Black Hills, Stonely Ridge and Saltaire before heading back to Keighley.

View the route here

Route 3- CyKlesportive-43 Miles-12 Hills

As route 2 but with added legs to include Haworth, Oakworth, Goose Eye, Laycock, Slippery Ford, Scar Top and Stanbury, before following the route 2 course over to Saltaire and back to Keighley.

View the route here

Route 4-CyKlesportive-65 Miles-15 Hills

Similar to route 3 but additional leg from Saltaire taking riders to Baildon, Hawkesworth, Guiseley, Carlton, Otley, Ilkley and East Morton, before returning to Keighley.

View the route here

Route 5-CyKlesportive-88 Miles-21 Hills

This route follows the same course as Route 4 but includes an additional leg through Silsden, Cononley, Cowling, Sutton and Steeton before finally returning to Keighley.

View the route here

Camp and Ride! For 2011 we have teamed up with local tourist attraction East Riddlesden Hall as part of the National Trust Cycling Festival are putting on free camping and a “pasta-que” on the evening before the event. To book in for camping and the “pasta-que”, please contact Andrew Wood on the details given below.

Register online here:
>Register for the traditional Race the Train 4.8 mile route

Register for the Cyklesportive Junior – legs 2 to 5
>Register for the Cyklesportive Adult place – legs 2 to 5

Event details

Date 17 July 2011
Time CyKlesportive-Staggered Start:7.30am-10am
Race the Train-Mass Start-9.40am
Activity type Sports & Leisure Events, Challenge, Family Events, Cycling
Location Keighley and District (Bronte Country)

Contact details

Name Andrew Wood
Telephone 01535 640176

Why Join A Cycling Club?

A very good article from I-Team

So what do cycling clubs have to offer?

Why pay money to join a cycling club when it’s free to just ride on your own?

We won’t deny that there is immense pleasure to be found in riding alone or with a few friends on quiet roads – in fact it’s how most cyclists start out and how the majority of club members spend their time cycling.

Some Reasons to Join a Cycling Club:

To gain more cycling knowledge -

None of us can know it all – fellow club members will become a wealth of information on topics like where to ride, how to train – or maybe even how to enter your first race. Often, cyclists that have been riding the same roads for years, find a new favorite road when they ride out with a club. Probably the best reason to join a club is so that you can find out what is happening in your area. If you are a newcomer to the sport, you will probably be shocked to learn that it is normally possible to race 2 or 3 times a week! Many events are low key and are only heard about through word of mouth. So whether it’s mountain biking, track cycling, or road riding, there’s a bike club to fit your interest. A good club will have a qualified coach that can help you with specific problems and help you to continually improve as a rider.

A sense of belonging to something -

Most of us grow up in communities where we belong to some local or national organisation, schools, colleges, unions, AA, RAC – even the telephone book. It can be easy to overlook the fact that there are groups out there that support your leisure and social interests. Joining a group of cyclists can be a hell of a lot of fun, whether it be to pound out the miles in preparation for a challenge event, practicing pace making for road races, or just a summer evening ride to a country pub for a pint of ale. A good club will be inclusive of all abilities and have a membership made up from a wide cross section of society.

Moral Support & Motivation -

Can you think of occasions when you have set goals but things drift due to outside commitments, like work and family – sometimes a quick phone call or e-mail from a team mate, can keep you focused.

An opportunity to give something back -

The longer you spend cycling, the more you learn. You might have once been a racer in your youth or have experience of following travel, belonging to a club allows you to pass your knowledge on to younger or less experienced cyclists. Just because we learnt the hard way doesn’t mean that the newcomers to our sport have to. Even if you are not as active as you once were, you might wish to be a valuable part of a team by helping with events etc. A good beginner club will be non-elitist and have a structure that allows an easy flow of information from it’s most experienced riders through to the novices.
To meet new friends -

Some bike clubs are more about social activities than others. The spectrum varies from the Elite racing team, which is invitation only and has no interest in social activities, through to a group of ex-racers who meet at the local pub once a week. Most clubs are in between and are able to offer you the opportunity to associate with other cyclists that have a similar passion for the sport. Maybe you have just moved to an area? Joining a bike club is an easy way to get familiar with your new surroundings and meet some people while you’re at it.

You can read the article in full here

Pendle Predator Cycle Challenge

10 Reasons to Enter cottages4you Pendle Predator Cycle Challenge:

1. Challenge yourself on the routes previously tackled by elite riders on
the Tour of Britain, Kelloggs's Tour and most recently last year's National
Road Race Championships!

2. Enjoy cycling in the most scenic and beautiful areas in Lancashire!

3. Conquer the renowned Nick O Pendle Climb!

4. Enjoy time with family and friends at the FREE cycle show!

5. Raise money for Barnardo's!

6. Meet new people with a shared love of cycling!

7. Uncover new cycle routes!

8. It will get you in shape for those lovely summer days!

9. Cycle through the geographical centre of Great Britain - Dunsop Bridge!

10. Theres even a chance to pedal you own fruit smoothie!

Pendle Cycle Show

Everybody needs a bit of support- so why not bring your family and friends
along with you. Whilst your off pedalling there is a FREE Event Village for
all ages to enjoy. It will include stunt displays, circus skills, pedal
your own sensational fruit smoothie and try and get a personal best of
cycling up Pendle Hill on a virtual bike ride!

The Cycle Show will be at Rolls Royce Sports Ground from 11am - 4pm.

Reduced Entry Fee for Groups of 4+
You can register a group of any size online at:

Groups of 4 or more get a discount of £1 per person. All group members
must be added at the same time to receive the discount.
Colne Grand Prix- 13th July

Experience the thrills and spills of street racing with non-stop
entertainment, right in the centre of Colne. The race is part of the
British Cycling Elite National Circuit Series and takes place on an 800m
closed-road circuit around Colne’s town centre, making for a fast,
thrilling spectacle. As an annual fixture in the town's events calendar, it
attracts some of the country's best cyclists.

Click below to register:

Find your reason, find your route:

Pendle Predator - 175km - 3122m of ascent!
Pendle Mini Predator - 100km - 1940m of ascent!

Follow us on twitter:

Pennine Events

Organisers of Pendle Predator, Pennine Events Ltd have recently been
awarded small business of the year award, at Lancashire Business View's Red
Rose awards.

Alternatively if you would like us to send you a paper entry form please
email with your postal address and we will send
you some.

The Sponsors


Eric Wright Group


Pendle Borough Council

Other Events:

Great Notts Bike Ride

Pendle Predator

Liverpool Chester

Pedal for Scotland

Glasgow Bikeathon

Harrogate to Holyrood

Evening Rides

We’d like to get a weekly evening ride going within the next couple of weeks.  The actual night is yet to be decided, but will be either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Rides will be on a very informal basis.  All abilities welcome.  Our aim is to be a friendly club, not an old fashioned cliquey organisation, so why not come and join us.  Don’t worry about being a member of the club as club membership is not required at the moment.

If your interested, drop me an email at


Kildwick 10 11th May 2011

Another week missed for me, as I was in sunny Scarborough with the family.  Here are the results -

  1. Jason Bateman – 21.01 Pendle Forest CC
  2. Ben Cook – 22.51 JD Cycles
  3. Seth Smith – 22.59
  4. H Mayho – 23.04 100% ME
  5. Chris Smedley – 23.19 Nelson Wheelers
  6. Peter Barusvicus – 23.40 VC Bradford
  7. Dave Green – 24.09 Bronte Wheelers
  8. Kevin Hickie – 24.45 Bronte Wheelers
  9. Robert Watson – 24.50 Paul Milnes
  10. A Harrison – 24.53
  11. Nathan Smedley – 24.57 Nelson Wheelers
  12. Dave Higginson – 25.00
  13. Nigel Moore – 25.01 VC Bradford
  14. G Chapman – 25.04
  15. Steve Moorhouse – 25.17 Nelson Wheelers
  16. D Fretwell – 25.20
  17. Peter Haigh – 25.27 Nelson Wheelers
  18. Kristian Potts – 26.09 Nelson Wheelers
  19. M Hanna – 26.11
  20. Paul Complin – 26.11 Pendle Forest CC
  21. C Young – 28.41
  22. Terry Pickles – 29.24 Bronte Wheelers
  23. Janine Pickard – 30.31 JD Cycles
  24. Steve Wilkinson – DNS Nelson Wheelers

Kildwick 10 4th May 2011

I was at a meal with friends so unfortunately I couldn’t try and improve my time. Here are the results -

  1. Ian Duckworth – 23.08 Pendle Forest CC
  2. Gary Cockroft – 23.17
  3. Chris Smedley – 23.24 Nelson Wheelers
  4. A Wooler – 23.40
  5. Carl Pawson – 23.41 Team Swift
  6. Peter Barusvicus – 23.45 VC Bradford
  7. Dave Green – 24.13 Bronte Wheelers
  8. Steve Wilkinson – 24.15 Nelson Wheelers
  9. Nigel Austin – 24.18 Otley CC
  10. Nigel Moore – 24.32 VC Bradford
  11. Stephen Moorhouse – 24.56 Nelson Wheelers
  12. A Harrison – 25.13
  13. Tom Hardie – 25.20 Bronte Wheelers
  14. Nathan Smedley – 25.57 Nelson Wheelers
  15. K Potts – 26.00
  16. C Burdess – 26.17
  17. Craig Wilson – 26.43 Nelson Wheelers
  18. Heather Sanderson – 28.24 Bronte Wheelers
  19. Terry Pickles – 29.24 Bronte Wheelers