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Dodging the showers, Thursday’s evening ride

Bridge over the Leeds-Liverpool Canal

After meeting in Glusburn Institute car park it was looking increasingley likely that we would get drenched. So we decided to ride into the storm and somehow missed all the rain.

Cowling Hill was hard work riding into a bit of a headwind, but the views from nearly 1000ft are well worth it. Dropping

down into Earby is very steep and twisty, perhaps we’ll ride up it one week? (i’m only kidding! it would be a vicious climb) It had just bucketed it down in Earby, but luckily we’d just missed it. It was the same story as we rode through Thornton-in-Craven.

Neil out front setting the pace

Its a great stretch of road from Thornton to Martons Both but I think we really need to do the stretch from Martons Both to Gargrave sometime. Anyway back to the main road for a bit before a quick detour through Elslack and past Broughton Hall. Another short section of main road before the Turn off to Calrton, then its quiet roads all the way home with a final leg burning climb up Connonley Brow at the end!

Apart from the main roads we hardly saw any cars really.


Thornton-in-Craven Circular

Yas powering up Cowling Hill

Yas powering up Cowling Hill

We decided to have a go at the route I’ve planned for tomorrow, which was really useful because some of the roads I’d never ridden before.

The route starts with a climb off the main road up Cowling Hill, which is fairly steady with plenty of flatter spots to catch your breath back!  Some

brilliants views are to be had from the top, you can see for miles.

The route then takes you past The Black Lane Ends Tavern ( I think that’s what its called), then a fast decent down to Earby with a few speed bumps at the bottom.  Then its on the

Yas dancing on the pedals up Cononley Brow

Thornton-in-Craven, which

leads to a nice quiet road to East Marton which goes near the Rolls Royce factory and over the Leeds-Liverpool canal before coming out on the Clitheroe Road.

The home leg takes you past Broughton Hall and then on to the quiet roads to Carlton and then Cononley.  Unfortunately that just leaves Cononley Brow to negotiate!

Altogether a very enjoyable ride and great weather too!

Anway I know the way now!



Thursday Nights Social Ride

A nice rolling route through Gargrave, Cracoe and  Skipton was enjoyed by all last night.  Not quite as warm as last week but never the less it was a nice sunny evening.  You just couldn’t beat the quiet dales roads with hardly a car in sight!  I really need to remember to tak my camera next week.

Come and join us next week if you fancy going out on a Thursday evening on quiet local roads.  Pace is steady and enjoyable rather than blasting up and down the Aire Valley as fast as poss.


Kildwick 10 8th of June 2011

I was out with work on Wednesday night. Looks like it was a quiet night too. Anyway here are the results -

  1. Seth Smith – 23.19 Bronte Wheelers
  2. Ben Cook – 23.35 JD Cycles
  3. Kevin Hickie – 24.29 Bronte Wheelers
  4. Dave Green – 24.29 Bronte Wheelers
  5. Paul Corcoran – 24.30 VC Bradford
  6. Nigel Moore – 25.08 VC Bradford
  7. Stephen Moorhouse – 25.37 Nelson Wheelers
  8. A Pettit – 26.08 Craven Energy
  9. Kristan Potts – 26.30 Nelson Wheelers
  10. M Allotson – 27.41 Craven Energy
  11. M Haslam – 27.47 Craven Energy
  12. P Stone – 28.12 Bronte Wheelers
  13. M Humphries – 28.12 Craven Energy
  14. Janine Pickard – 29.19 Jedi Cycles
  15. Andrew Lacey – 31.50 Bronte Wheelers
  16. R Presland – 33.01 Bronte Wheelers

Kildwick 10 25th of May 2011

Missed again but here are the results for those that are interested.  Looks like a good week as well, plenty under 24 mins! and quite a few only just missed out -

  1. Jason Bateman – 20.44 Pendle Forest CC
  2. Chris Smedley – 22.44 Nelson Wheelers
  3. Ben Cook – 23.05 JD Cycles
  4. E McFarland – 23.06 JD Cycles
  5. Gary Cockcroft – 23.28 East Bradford
  6. Nigel Austin – 23.36 Otley CC
  7. Steve Wilkinson – 23.54 Nelson Wheelers
  8. Paul Corcoran – 23.58 Pennine CC
  9. Dave Green – 24.02 Bronte Wheelers
  10. L Taylor – 24.06 Craven Energy Tri
  11. Simon Pickard – 24.07 VTTA
  12. Kevin Hickie – 24.10 Bronte Wheelers
  13. P Watson – 24.14 RVO
  14. A Simpson – 24.27 Horizon
  15. Stephen Moorhouse – 24.52 Nelson Wheelers
  16. J Fenwick – 25.13 Harrogate Nova
  17. D Ballantine – 26.54 Keighley C & AC
  18. Craig Wilson – 27.20 Nelson Wheelers
  19. Vicki Annis – 27.33 VC Bradford
  20. T Kitchen – 27.41 ART
  21. Heather Sanderson – 27.51 Bronte Wheelers
  22. Terry Pickles – 28.07 Bronte Wheelers
  23. Adrian Dunbar – 28.32 Bronte Wheelers
  24. J Wilson – 29.05 Aire Valley Wheelers

Kildwick 10 18th of May 2011

I missed this one again, but here are the results -

  1. Seth Smith – 23.31 Bronte Wheelers
  2. Chris Smedley – 23.52 Nelson Wheelers
  3. Ben Cook – 24.01 JD Cycles
  4. Peter Barusvicus – 24.20 VC Bradford
  5. E McFarland – 24.23 JD Cycles
  6. Robert Watson – 24.32 Paul Milnes
  7. Chris Young – 24.34 Bronte Wheelers
  8. Dave Higginson – 24.43 Nelson Wheelers
  9. Steve Wilkinson – 24.59 Nelson Wheelers
  10. Nigel Austin – 25.07 Otley CC
  11. Nigel Moore – 25.18 VC Bradford
  12. Tom Hardie – 25.33 Bronte Wheelers
  13. A Simpson – 25.44 Horizon
  14. Kevin Hickie – 26.12 Bronte Wheelers
  15. Heather Sanderson – 28.52 Bronte Wheelers
  16. J Wilson – 30.36 Aire Valley Wheelers
  17. Terry Pickles – 30.43 Bronte Wheelers
  18. Janine Pickard – 31.35 Jedi Cycles

First Thursday Night A Success!

Thanks to all who came to the first Thursday night ride.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather on our loop to Bolton Abbey and back. Beautiful sunshine, quiet roads and great views, were enjoyed by everyone on the ride.

If your interested please come and join us next week. Setting off at 7.10pm at Glusburn Institute.