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The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside - Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Neil Crashes Out Of Giro…

The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside – Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Record numbers of Scwheelers set off from Glusburn in scorching weather. The bunch was strung out riding over Kildwick, with Sean setting the pace at the front.

On the steep descent down towards Draughton Neils front wheel washed out on some gravel in spectacular fashion, breaking his collarbone in the process! Big thanks to Sean (who rode back to Skipton to get his car) and Nigel for getting him to Airedale. Now we know who gets the stabilizer award. Hopefully you’ll make a quick recovery Neil and be back in time for the Tour.

A nervous bunch takled the rest of the ride, careful to avoid any more gravel episodes.  We considered going up Langbar but it was decided it was getting late… Another week perhaps.

Non Competitive Cycling Events

There a lots of different types of non-competitive cyling events, if your not keen on racing or time trialling.  In the future I hope that we can organise some of our own.  Here is a guideline of the types of events that currently exist.


Most cyclists these days are familiar with sportive events which are held around the country which giver riders the opportunity to test themselves against set distances and varied terrain.  Most sportives are well organised with feed stations, well signed routes and even broom wagons.

More info here


In an audax event the emphasis is more on the rider being self sufficient and completing a set distance to or close to a set average speed.  Audax events vary widely but usually you won’t find feed zones or other trappings commonly associated with Sportives.  All riders have a route card, with details of the course, which needs to be stamped at checkpoints along the route.

More info here

Reliability Trials

Reliability trials are usually run by clubs in January/February time before the racing season starts in March.  Traditional reliability trials were used to test your after your winter training and to see how you fare against others.  Much like Audax rides, reliability trials tend emphasise the rider being self sufficient.  Depending on numbers, usually riders are split into groups depending on average speed.  A set time limit for a ride to be completed is common.

More info here

Gidleys Caff (free teas all round)

Thursday Night at Gidley’s Cafe

Gidleys Caff (free teas all round)

Five wheelers set off on a hilly route over the tops around Lothersdale.  As usual Neil (I’m no good at climbing) Dobson led from the front on all the steep climbs.  Although there were plenty of signs of flooding and at some points we were riding in rivers rather than on roads!  We did manage to stay relatively dry.

Halfway round we stopped at “Gidleys Caff” for tea and buns.  He’d run out of buns but it was FREE tea all round.  Its always good when it costs nowt.

Special thanks to our sponsor Keith Lambert Cycles who provided most of the bikes for the ride :-)