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Tuesday Easy Ride Tonight!

Our Tuesday night easy ride starts tonight and is ideal for anyone who wants to give riding with the club a go.  As a club, our emphasis is more on social riding, rather than racing

The route is as flat as you can get in the Aire Valley without going on the main roads and will take about an hour and a half to complete.

If you want to give it a go just turn up at Glusburn Institute Car Park at 6.40pm.  The ride sets off at 6.50pm.

Kildwick 10 16/04/14

Wednesday just gone saw the first Kildwick 10 mile time trial of 2014.

Yasmine went along but because of the sheer number of riders, she didn’t get a ride!  She though there was at least 60 people turned up to race, which is pretty good going.  Usually 30+ is an exceptional turnout.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Maybe there could be scope for another event on a different day? I don’t know.

Plenty of people who assume were on road bikes, just missing out on going up 24 mins.  So it must have been a reasonable night.

Thanks to Pennine Cycles for posting the results as follows -

Pos Start Number Rider Club Time
1 40 Seth ? 00:21:15
2 23 Matthew Bulmer All Terrain 00:21:43
3 4 Steve Ayres Pennine CC 00:22:04
4 26 Jonny Jones Jedi cycle sport 00:22:24
5 2 Ian Wilcock Nelson Whs 00:22:38
6 8 (Tandem) K Church/J Rigby Jones Ilkley CC 00:23:09
7 25 Tom Andrews Ilkley CC 00:23:19
8 28 Adrian Jones PMMAS? 00:23:21
9 24 Ian Duckworth Nelson Whs CC 00:23:32
10 35 Nigel Austin Otley CC 00:23:45
11 21 Sam Straw ARCC ? 00:23:49
12 19 Mark Allatson Craven Energy 00:23:55
13 22 Bill Belcher Clayton Velo 00:23:59
14 37 Ben Cook Bronte Whs 00:24:04
15 31 Steve Lloyd Skipton CC 00:24:07
16 29 Richard Gate Albarosa CC 00:24:12
17 6 Ben Howe CS Pendle 00:24:19
18 13 Chris Humphries Skipton CC 00:24:26
19 7 Dave Green Bronte Whs 00:24:30
20 12 Adam Holmes Skipton CC 00:24:32
21 20 Ben Greenhough Albarosa CC 00:24:34
22 11 Karl Rutins Skipton CC 00:24:39
23 30 Steve Moorhouse Nelson Whs 00:24:50
24 18 Kevin Hickie Bronte Whs 00:24:58
25 36 Russell marsden Pendle Forest CC 00:25:05
26 10 Iain Vokes Tilley Skipton CC 00:25:16
27 38 Paul complin Pendle Forest CC 00:25:21
28 16 Luke Cater Skipton CC 00:25:38
29 17 Craig Wilson Nelson Whs 00:26:03
30 5 Matthew Pearce Bronte Whs 00:26:04
31 34 Dave Kilmister Bronte Whs 00:26:05
32 14 Andrew Swindles Skipton CC 00:29:06
33 39 ? ? 00:29:16
34 27 Edward Whitaker Skipton CC 00:29:48
35 1 Rebecca Wilkinson Nelson Whs 00:29:54
36 33 Caran Stephenson Skipton CC 00:30:12
37 15 Matt Richardson Skipton CC 00:30:14
38 32 Martin Dixon Skipton CC 00:31:41
3 D Caines Pennine CC DNS
At the top of Cocking Lane

Get Involved!

In order to take the club forward this year.  We’re looking for anyone who wants to get involved in anyway, shape or form.  Whether you’d like to help organise rides or you can help with some of the basic admin tasks in the club.

This is your chance to put your own stamp on the club and help grow the club over the next 12 months.

You don’t have to be a member already, we’re open to anybody new.  In fact you don’t even need to ride a bike!

If your interested, you can drop me an email

Easter Update

It feels as though spring is just around the corner, hopefully we’ll get some warmer weather soon!

Appologies if things have been quiet over the last few months.  Now we’re coming into spring I’m going to start stepping things up again.  Hopefully 2014 is going to be a great year for cycling in Yorkshire.

Along those lines I’ll be working with Skipton Cycling Club over the summer to introduce a regular kids club and coaching sessions.  More details about this will be coming very soon.