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Paul Gibson

13 Higher Hartley St


BD20 8QH


Tel. 07769296320

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Paul Fitz

    Thinking might be a steady evening came along to see if knee would be fit for Sunday for Kevin and I to POTTER around Ampleforth and the North Yorks Moors, unfortunately appear to have tagged onto The British 5000m Pursuit Team who were out training !!!

    Good news for Kevin….bad news for me…. knee appears ok

    Paul Fitz

  2. Phil Smith

    I am interested in riding in your Kildwick TT series. My understanding is that you have to be a member of a CTT affiliated club. However VC Bradford do not appear to be affiliated according to the RTTC website. It may be worth checking this to ensure adequate cover exists.

  3. Paul.Gibson Post author

    Hello Phil,

    You do have to be a member of a club affilliated to CTT to take part in time trials. The Kildwick series is run between 3 clubs, Bronte Wheelers, Nelson Wheelers and VC Bradford. So if you get in contact and join one of those 3 you will be able to take part.

    VC Bradford are quite involved in time trials so I’m not sure why they are not listed on CTTs website.


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