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Tuesday Easy Ride Tonight!

Our Tuesday night easy ride starts tonight and is ideal for anyone who wants to give riding with the club a go.  As a club, our emphasis is more on social riding, rather than racing

The route is as flat as you can get in the Aire Valley without going on the main roads and will take about an hour and a half to complete.

If you want to give it a go just turn up at Glusburn Institute Car Park at 6.40pm.  The ride sets off at 6.50pm.

photo 2(2)

Tonights Womens Ride

As usual the womens ride will be meeting in Glusburn Institute car park at 6.45pm and setting off at 7pm.

This weeks route is 20 mile-ish route with a few small hills.  We  Any kind of bike is welcome as the pace is friendly but to really enjoy the ride a drop handlebar is recommended.

If you have any worries about not being fit enough or not your not sure if you can keep up, please don’t be worried as nobody is left behind.  Also the great thing about cycling is your fitness really improves even with just a few weeks riding.

You don’t need to worry about being a member of the club in order to try it out but if you come regular, membership is £15 for individuals.

So come an give it a try.

If you want more information about this ride or our other regular rides. Please join our mailing list.



Blacko Climb

IMG_6047 Yesterday, I tried a new training route which included a climb up Blacko.  Its on the road from Barrowford to Gisburn.  I’ve got to say that it made a very ejoyable route.  The climb rises quite steadily for 3 miles and gives great views down the valley before a fast descent down to Gisburn

Another bonus of the ride was the road from Gisburn to Long Preston is closed at the moment due to railway bridge maintenance. Hardly saw a car along its whole length!  Plus there’s no problem riding a bike through.

Here’s the whole route-


Early Bird Ride

Could have done with a canoe in places this morning but the Early Bird ride did go ahead.  I’m really stacking up the miles this year!  Mind you I was the only one daft enough to go out this morning and I’m still trying to dry my gloves at work before home time.

The Ellis-Briggs winter bike is holding up well though.  You can’t beat proper mudguards for staying drier.

Here’s the route if your interested –


Saturday Early Bird Ride

The first Early Bird ride was a great success.  I wasn’t sure if i could get up that early, but I managed it and so did 3 other Scwheelers.  It turned out to be a great ride in the morning sunshine, watching the sun come up.  Plenty of climbs to be had on the way including Langbar and Cow and Calf.

Join us next week!  See our Early Birds ride page for more details.

riding past Scar Top reservoir

Scar Top Ride

Wonderful tarmac here!

Wonderful tarmac here!

Last night turned out to be a warm but hazy night.  The sun didn’t peak through the clouds once, but it remained dry for once!

Neil and Nigel decided to have a head start while I waited for any stragglers to arrive at Glusburn Institute.  In the end it was Peter and Steve K who turned up, so the chase was on.  It took us until halfway round the ride at Scar Top Reservoir to cathc the supposedly unfit Neil (back form his broken collarbone) and Nigel.  And even then they we waiting for us at the top of the hill watching clay pidgeon shooting.

Next were fast road and great tarmac, almost all the way to Oakworth Neil and Nigel went home through Keighley.  We just had the sketchy descent down to Slippery Ford and then the final descent down to Sutton before scooting back home to Glusburn.


Earls Crag

Tour Of Lothersdale

Only 3 Scwheelers braved the torrential rain last night. As it turned out, it only rained as we set off and dried up later.

Anyway after a vote we decided to do a hillier route than originally planned.  Here’s the profile -

First up we climbed up West Lane out of Sutton, always a good climb to get you warmed up.  After riding down past Earls Crag we dropped through Cowling and climbed up Cowling Hill Lane.  From then on there’s some steep undulations before a fast decent into Elslack, avoiding suicidal bunnies! A bit of main road followed until we got to East Marton then one of my favourite bits of road all the way to Gargrave.  Out of Gargrave there is a small climb past the station going up Church Street before dropping down to Broughton and starting up the final climb at Elsack.  Probably my favourite climb of the night, starts off steep, but levels out a couple of times.  It climbs steadily crossing the old Skipton to Colne road and then onwards nearly to lothersdale before dropping back down Lothersdale Road and back to Glusburn.

Altogether not a long ride, but plenty of climbing.

The Route -

The Shweelers enjoing the Jubilee ride

Jubilee Ride 2012

The Shweelers enjoing the Jubilee ride

On the 4th June 2012 the Queen’s celebrations gave the green light to South Craven’s finest to cycle round the spectacularly beautiful and quiet Forest of Bowland.
Setting off ay 9am from Barnoldswick Peter G, Steve K, Martin H and Paul F headed West and after an early morning chill, the day exploded into a beautiful day for cycling.
Villages and picturesque hamlets decked in flags and bunting became remarkably commonplace and each bend and summit crested invariably provided a stunning view, the top of Waddington Fell being a typical example. Moving out of Slaidburn we headed north towards Bentham and hardly met a soul and despite a fast pace (ahem!) time was found  to stop and take in a panoramic view of all Three Peaks… (and the Langdales or was it The Howgills!!)

Time constraints went out of the window as we stopped at a fantastic Farm Cafe at Wray and indulged ourselves under warm sunny skies. Eventually we managed to drag ourselves away and headed for the climb back towards The Trough of Bowland. This section provided a fantastic view of Morecombe Bay with Blackpool Tower in the distance. A death defying descent towards Dunsop Bridge came and went in a flash and then onto the quintessentially “chocolate box” .. Inn at Whitwell. As we soldiered on bums were beginning to ache and legs growing a little tired and all except Peter G forgot how much of a rollercoaster the route home was.

Despite the bumps the team managed the ride comfortably and enjoyed a well earned 99 ice cream at the finish. The ride was a testing  78 miles and as each Wheeler headed home the smiles were nearly as long.

Due to varying commitments other Wheelers were unable to come along but it is hoped that the ride becomes an annual fixture on the Club calendar. (Have we got a calendar Paul G ?)

The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside - Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Neil Crashes Out Of Giro…

The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside – Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Record numbers of Scwheelers set off from Glusburn in scorching weather. The bunch was strung out riding over Kildwick, with Sean setting the pace at the front.

On the steep descent down towards Draughton Neils front wheel washed out on some gravel in spectacular fashion, breaking his collarbone in the process! Big thanks to Sean (who rode back to Skipton to get his car) and Nigel for getting him to Airedale. Now we know who gets the stabilizer award. Hopefully you’ll make a quick recovery Neil and be back in time for the Tour.

A nervous bunch takled the rest of the ride, careful to avoid any more gravel episodes.  We considered going up Langbar but it was decided it was getting late… Another week perhaps.