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Col de Ellers!

Well I’d never ridden up Ellers before so I though it might make a nice change to start the route up it.  By the time I got to the top (with a 42 – 25) I’d realised why i’ve never bothered going up it!

3 Scwheelers had already set off and we didn’t catch the escapees until Laneshaw Bridge but it turned out they’d gone up West Lane instead and avoided Ellers!

Anyway what a great night.  Warm but not too warm and hardly a cloud in the sky.  Perfect cycling weather…


At the top of Cocking Lane

Last nights Thursday ride…

For a change we had decent weather.  Not warm but sunny and dry and plenty of blue sky.  Couldn’t have been much diferent from the week before and that’s no doubt the reason for the record turnout.

As with most of our rides, it started with a climb.  We picked Paul Fitz up at the White Lion in Kildwick and headed up on to the moor.  Before decending through Draugton and riding along the gated road to Bolton Abbey.  Next destination was Ilkley via Nesfield (we’ll save Langbar for another week eh?).

The final real climb up Cocking Lane strung us all out but we hand a regroup at the top and some great photos courtesy of Steve Hannigan.

A great social ride enjoyed by all.  Just what South Craven is all about.

Pauls run over wheel!

Thursday Ride – Neutral Service!

Last weeks Thursday ride was an old favourite for me.  An easy start through Connonley and Carlton to Skipton and then on to Embsay and along the back road via Halton East to Bolton Abbey, before riding back to Glusburn via Ilkley and Silsden.

Disaster struck just after Embasy, when we’re riding single file along a singletrack road.  Anyway to cut a long story short, there was a tangle of bikes and a front wheel which had been run over by a car.  Luckily nuetral service arrived quickly (in the shape of Andy Wiggins, Skipton Cycling Club.  Many thanks to him) and sorted our Paul Fitz with a new wheel and we carried on.

Climbing up West Road from Carleton

Allez Allez Allez

Climbing up West Road from Carleton

Climbing up West Road from Carleton

Last nights ride was a bit of a hilly one but one “enjoyed” by everyone.  As usual we set off from Glusburn Institute and headed off to Kildwick to start our first climb up through Kildwick and over the tops to Draughton.  Once across the A65 it was onwards to Skipton where we we shouted at by passing motorists “Allez Allez Allez!” Makes a change form “*!**!!!” or “get some road tax!”  Most be the Wiggo effect!

Anyway onwards to Carleton to start our penultimate climb of the day, which MapMy Ride lists as a category 3.  It starts off steep out Carleton but eases after the first half a mile.  The Scweelers were strung out with Paul Fitz Leaving us all behind.

The last climb was the drag from Cowling up Dick Lane, past Cowling Pinicle and Lunds Tower before dropping back down the technical descent of West Lane and down to Sutton.  Then back home to Glusburn.

Cheers guys, great ride.

Here’s the route -

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riding past Scar Top reservoir

Scar Top Ride

Wonderful tarmac here!

Wonderful tarmac here!

Last night turned out to be a warm but hazy night.  The sun didn’t peak through the clouds once, but it remained dry for once!

Neil and Nigel decided to have a head start while I waited for any stragglers to arrive at Glusburn Institute.  In the end it was Peter and Steve K who turned up, so the chase was on.  It took us until halfway round the ride at Scar Top Reservoir to cathc the supposedly unfit Neil (back form his broken collarbone) and Nigel.  And even then they we waiting for us at the top of the hill watching clay pidgeon shooting.

Next were fast road and great tarmac, almost all the way to Oakworth Neil and Nigel went home through Keighley.  We just had the sketchy descent down to Slippery Ford and then the final descent down to Sutton before scooting back home to Glusburn.


More Stops than the Number 27 Bus!

A dry but overcast evening saw a good turn out for this week’s ride, with 8 Scwheelers setting off from Glusburn. Paul Fitz and new boy Dave setting the early pace, the bunch was soon strung out as it headed through Cononley and on towards Skipton. Luckily, frequent stops for dropped chains and natural breaks allowed the group to reform.

The temporary lights in Skipton presented a longer stop than anyone wanted but the group finally got the green for go and head up the High Street and on towards Embsay. A sharp left onto Brackenley Lane took us over to the Grassington Road before another left turn took us up the short steep climb of Bog Lane and over to the A65.

A quick blast along the A65 saw us reach Gargrave and the welcome quite of the back roads back down to the A59 at Broughton. Unfortunately this section was punctuated by another unwelcome stop, this time a puncture for Dave. However, a quick tube change assisted by Paul saw the group back on the road and chasing down Martin who has set off up the next hill to gain some time on the group.

With Neil Dobson making his return to the Thursday night ride after breaking his collar bone in May, the group decided to avoid the climb known locally as ‘The Basterd’ and headed back into Skipton. A split saw Bob and Steve K heading back towards Lothersdale while the rest of the bunch pressed on for home. The Scwheelers train really got going on the fast stretch from Skipton to Kildwick, with Dave and Nigel doing good work on the front before the group split again at Kildwick to go our separate ways.

Report courtesy of Steve Hannigan

South Craven Waders!

South Craven Waders

Nigel during one of the dry spells

Nigel during one of the dry spells

We may have to rename the Wheelers as “The South Craven Waders” if this monsoon weather doesn’t end soon!  Last nights ride started off badly with all the waders, sorry wheelers, sheltering under a tree outside Glusburn Institute!  Right after everyone turned up, we had our first downpour, but after it subsided we decided to set off.  There were calls to go to the pub but the rest of us summoned up our mental toughness and and rode up to Cowling Pinicle.

Thunder and lightning pursuaded us to head back down to Sutton where we ended up sheltering in Sutton park while it bounced down.  After a rather wet hour of total wading time we headed home.

Scweelers Thursday Night Ride


Scweelers Thursday Night Ride

Scweelers Thursday Night Ride

I didn’t turn up for the ride this week but Steve Hannigan stepped up to lead the Scwheelers.  I don’t think they got lost?

Anyway judging by the photos, looks like it was a great night.  Unfortunately I’d opted for an early night.

Everyone was looking good in there new Scwheelers Kit.  Definitely the best dressed club around :-).

Hopefully next week the weather will be just as good.  I’m starting to get a bit sick of this unsettled weather.  When are we going to get a summer?

The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside - Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Neil Crashes Out Of Giro…

The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside – Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Record numbers of Scwheelers set off from Glusburn in scorching weather. The bunch was strung out riding over Kildwick, with Sean setting the pace at the front.

On the steep descent down towards Draughton Neils front wheel washed out on some gravel in spectacular fashion, breaking his collarbone in the process! Big thanks to Sean (who rode back to Skipton to get his car) and Nigel for getting him to Airedale. Now we know who gets the stabilizer award. Hopefully you’ll make a quick recovery Neil and be back in time for the Tour.

A nervous bunch takled the rest of the ride, careful to avoid any more gravel episodes.  We considered going up Langbar but it was decided it was getting late… Another week perhaps.

Gidleys Caff (free teas all round)

Thursday Night at Gidley’s Cafe

Gidleys Caff (free teas all round)

Five wheelers set off on a hilly route over the tops around Lothersdale.  As usual Neil (I’m no good at climbing) Dobson led from the front on all the steep climbs.  Although there were plenty of signs of flooding and at some points we were riding in rivers rather than on roads!  We did manage to stay relatively dry.

Halfway round we stopped at “Gidleys Caff” for tea and buns.  He’d run out of buns but it was FREE tea all round.  Its always good when it costs nowt.

Special thanks to our sponsor Keith Lambert Cycles who provided most of the bikes for the ride :-)