Club Officials

Club Secretary/Membership – Paul Gibson

Treasurer – Peter Gidley

Kit Secretary – Neil Dobson

Womens Secretary – Yasmine Gibson

2 thoughts on “Club Officials

  1. Kathryn Heseltine

    Dear Sirs,

    I act as Chairman of the Halton East Parish Meeting.

    The residents of the Village have asked me to contact you with regard to the amount of litter that is being left in and around the village. The majority of the litter are empty cans (high energy drinks) which the residents have seen cyclists dropping on their way into and out of the village. Of course we cannot say it is definitely members of your club, however we would kindly ask that you speak with your members to request them to think of the environment and take their rubbish home with them or dispose of it appropriately.

    I will be contacting other clubs with the same request.

    Many I take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding and following up on the content of this communication.

    With very best regards,

  2. Denise Taj

    I would like to email you a flyer about the University of Bradford Cycle Sportive on Sunday 25th September. PLease could you reply to me so I can forward the flyer and I would value your support advertising the Sportive on your webiste and facebook page.

    Many thanks
    Denise Taj

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