Club Jerseys

If your interested in a club jersey please email our Kit Secretary – Neil Dobson to express your interest.  There is a minimum order of 10 Garments.  Prices for club kit are as follows -

  • Short Sleeve Jersey £37
  • Long Sleeve Jersey £40
  • Winter Windproof Jacket £45
  • Bib Shorts £44
  • Bib Tights £48

Neil Dobson


3 thoughts on “Jerseys

  1. Susan Nutter

    Hi Neil,

    We are avid American cyclists who are visiting several areas in the country for the next two weeks. We are in Skipton until Thursday, August 7; then we are driving to Deal and staying in that area until Saturday, August 9 and then will be in the Sheffield area through August 16 with a possible side trip to London on the 17th. We would love to go home with a cycling jersey from either a group like yours, or one that represents our stay here. Can you provide any guidance as to where my husband and I could purchase a cycling jersey?

    Thank you for any help you may give.

    Susan Nutter

  2. Valarie

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