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Tonights Womens Ride

As usual the womens ride will be meeting in Glusburn Institute car park at 6.45pm and setting off at 7pm.

This weeks route is 20 mile-ish route with a few small hills.  We  Any kind of bike is welcome as the pace is friendly but to really enjoy the ride a drop handlebar is recommended.

If you have any worries about not being fit enough or not your not sure if you can keep up, please don’t be worried as nobody is left behind.  Also the great thing about cycling is your fitness really improves even with just a few weeks riding.

You don’t need to worry about being a member of the club in order to try it out but if you come regular, membership is £15 for individuals.

So come an give it a try.

If you want more information about this ride or our other regular rides. Please join our mailing list.



Skipton Junior Riders

The first 2 kids club Sundays have been a great success.  Skipton Auction Mart is an ideal, traffic free and safe venue. Today we also had glorious sunshine now that summer has finally arrived in Craven.

The kids worked on their riding skills for the first 45 minutes with some games before having a short break.  Then the group was split in two, with the older children doing laps around the full circuit and the younger kids doing some more skill work and cycling games.

Thanks to all the organizers who have made this all possible.

If you’d like more info about coming along, please check our page here.

Here’s some pics from today…


Col de Ellers!

Well I’d never ridden up Ellers before so I though it might make a nice change to start the route up it.  By the time I got to the top (with a 42 – 25) I’d realised why i’ve never bothered going up it!

3 Scwheelers had already set off and we didn’t catch the escapees until Laneshaw Bridge but it turned out they’d gone up West Lane instead and avoided Ellers!

Anyway what a great night.  Warm but not too warm and hardly a cloud in the sky.  Perfect cycling weather…


Kildwick 10

Kildwick 10 5/6/2013

photo 1(3)After a few weeks of not riding Yasmine decided it was her turn to ride the Kildwick 10 this week.  After not being sure if she should go or not, she finally decided and ended up coming away with a PB so well done!


Anyway the results were as follows -

    1. Jason Bateman – Pendle Forest – 20.58
    2. Peter Barusevicus – VC Bradford – 21.38
    3. Ben Cook – Bronte Wheelers – 22.37
    4. Steve Ayres – VC Bradford – 23.15
    5. A Jones – Dirt Wheels – 23.39
    6. Simon Pickard – Bronte Wheelers – 23.41
    7. Dave Green – Bronte Wheelers – 23.45
    8. Bernie Clayton – Pendle Forrest – 23.50
    9. Steve Lloyd – Bronte Wheelers – 23.51
    10. Mathew Cox – Ilkley CC – 24.06
    11. Jonny Tomes – Ilkley CC – 24.12
    12. Nigel Austin – Otley CC – 24.21
    13. Kevin Hickie – Bronte Wheelers – 24.32
    14. Mathew Pearce – Bronte Wheelers – 24.37
    15. Tim Small – Aire Valley Racing – 25.48
    16. David Peacock – Dirt Wheels – 25.49
    17. Paul Complin – Pendle Forrest – 26.09
    18. Ian Wilcock – Nelson Wheelers – 26.17
    19. Craig Wilson– Nelson Wheelers – 26.41
    20. David Kilmister – Bronte Wheelers – 26.43
    21. Daniel locke – South Craven – 26.53
    22. Tony Shaw – Nelson Wheelers – 27.01
    23. Peter Jagan – Craven Energy – 27.07
    24. Steve Robinson – Craven Energy – 27.18
    25. Heather Sanderson – Bronte Wheelers – 27.46
    26. Hiyasmin Gibson – South Craven – 28.39
    27. Christine Preston – Craven Energy – 28.39
    28. Paul Thomas – Bronte Wheelers – 30.45

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Skipton Junior Riders

As a joint partnership with Skipton Cycling Club it is our ambition to have a full junior program catering for children from 4 to 15 years .This summer we are running a pilot with Skipton Cycling club at our proposed venue, Skipton Auction Mart.  The Auction Mart has provided us with a half mile traffic free circuit, all on tarmac.

The first pilot on Sunday the 2nd of June was a success.  We are now looking for more members as there are still place available.

The dates are as follows -

June 9th at Craven Auction Mart

July 7th & 14th at Craven Auction Mart

August 4th at Craven Auction Mart

August 11th at Aireville Park

There are two sessions per week: 3-4pm and then 4-5pm.

If your interested in joining Skipton Junior Riders over the summer please download the welcome pack and return the registration form to

British Cycling Membership Form – Take advantage of British Cycling Membership which is free to Juniors

Skipton Junior Riders Welcome Letter

Skipton Junior Riders Membership Form

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Warmest night of the week for the womens ride

This weeks womens ride was a little bit longer. It was the usual route to Skipton via Cononley and Carleton but extended to Silsden this week.

This Mondays Womens Ride

From this Monday the meeting time will be 6.45 setting off at 7pm at Glusburn Institute as usual.

The route is a few mile longer than last week.  Taking in Cononley, Carlton, Skipton, Kildwick and Silsden.  With a few small climbs but nothing major.

If you haven’t been out with us before, please do.  Everyone is welcome.  You don’t have to worry about holding everyone up as the pace is social rather than fast and we have regular regroupings.

Follow the link to see this weeks route -

At the top of Cocking Lane

Last nights Thursday ride…

For a change we had decent weather.  Not warm but sunny and dry and plenty of blue sky.  Couldn’t have been much diferent from the week before and that’s no doubt the reason for the record turnout.

As with most of our rides, it started with a climb.  We picked Paul Fitz up at the White Lion in Kildwick and headed up on to the moor.  Before decending through Draugton and riding along the gated road to Bolton Abbey.  Next destination was Ilkley via Nesfield (we’ll save Langbar for another week eh?).

The final real climb up Cocking Lane strung us all out but we hand a regroup at the top and some great photos courtesy of Steve Hannigan.

A great social ride enjoyed by all.  Just what South Craven is all about.