Skipton Junior Riders

IMG_0440As a joint partnership with Skipton Cycling Club it is our ambition to have a full junior program catering for children from 4 to 15 years.

This summer we are running a pilot with Skipton Cycling club at our proposed venue, Craven Auction Mart.  The Auction Mart has provided us with a half mile traffic free circuit, all on tarmac. As well as an additional area of hard standing about the size of a football pitch where we can have skills sessions and games.

The dates are as follows -

June 2nd & 9th at Craven Auction Mart

July 7th & 14th at Craven Auction Mart

August 4th at Craven Auction Mart

August 11th at Aireville Park

There are two sessions per week: 3-3.45pm and then 3.50-4.30pm.

IMG_0443If your interested in joining Skipton Junior Riders over the summer please download the welcome pack and return the registration form to

British Cycling Membership Form – Take advantage of British Cycling Membership which is free to Juniors

Skipton Junior Riders Welcome Letter

Skipton Junior Riders Membership Form


4 thoughts on “Skipton Junior Riders

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  2. Christine Barrett - Smith

    Do you have Sunday cycle skills sessions in skipton? My son Joseph is nine years old. Thanks. Christine.

  3. Nasko

    One project that I’d like to do this sumemr is a series of fine quality photographic portraits of the cyclists of Bremen. I’d like to set up a portrait studio on a busy corner, where cyclists can just pedal in on their bike, pose for a portrait in front of a studio screen and with studio lighting, leave their contact details and move on. You see so many well dressed, and often beautiful (especially in sumemr) cyclists there, I think to bring such an exhibition to Darlington would shock the majority of our citizens – that kind of sense of identity as a cyclist is very rare here.

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