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riding past Scar Top reservoir

Scar Top Ride

Wonderful tarmac here!

Wonderful tarmac here!

Last night turned out to be a warm but hazy night.  The sun didn’t peak through the clouds once, but it remained dry for once!

Neil and Nigel decided to have a head start while I waited for any stragglers to arrive at Glusburn Institute.  In the end it was Peter and Steve K who turned up, so the chase was on.  It took us until halfway round the ride at Scar Top Reservoir to cathc the supposedly unfit Neil (back form his broken collarbone) and Nigel.  And even then they we waiting for us at the top of the hill watching clay pidgeon shooting.

Next were fast road and great tarmac, almost all the way to Oakworth Neil and Nigel went home through Keighley.  We just had the sketchy descent down to Slippery Ford and then the final descent down to Sutton before scooting back home to Glusburn.


A Tale of Two Bradleys

Once upon a time there was a Pro Tour rider called Bradley who approaching a very important Event was regarded as a contender. It was clear to see he was in very good nick! He had some early season successes and then whilst at his peak he crashed and had to leave Le Tour taking his broken collarbone with him. Bradley was a bit miffed but he was determined not to let it stand in his way and this year is back and most believe stronger than ever. First Brit to win the Tour of Romandie and one of the favourites for Le Tour 2012………

All the while another Bradley was toiling away in deepest Keighley getting ready for the season ahead. It looked a tough one, not least because his disorganised teammates dithered about the makeup of the team jersey. Time passed and Bradley could see the ordering schedule slipping behind. Bradley put extra effort into his Thusday emails but it seemed that he just wasn’t getting the results he wanted. Oh yes, there was some improvement, but it came in dribs and drabs, a medium here, a full zip there…Bradley began to feel the pressure!

Undaunted however, he soldiered on and ultimately  was rewarded with a full team response for what many consider to be one of the most competitive shirts around. The order went in and Bradley’s confidence was high but unfortunately history has a habit of repeating itself!  Bradley  took his eye off the ball (and the road obviously!) and crashed out during the ordering process taking his collarbone with him. Bradley is clearly going to be a bit miffed because as the jerseys become a reality Bradley will only be able to wear his with his pyjama bottoms for a couple of months. Nevertheless, those who know this closet climber are confident he will not take this set back lying down, well only for a few weeks whilst he is waited on hand and foot…. then he will be back in strict training and in the London to Paris Ride those French spectators will need to keep well back from le cote de la rue as Bradley slides.. sorry I mean races past!

The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside - Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Neil Crashes Out Of Giro…

The reamaining 4, on Addingham Moorside – Photo taken by Steve Hannigan

Record numbers of Scwheelers set off from Glusburn in scorching weather. The bunch was strung out riding over Kildwick, with Sean setting the pace at the front.

On the steep descent down towards Draughton Neils front wheel washed out on some gravel in spectacular fashion, breaking his collarbone in the process! Big thanks to Sean (who rode back to Skipton to get his car) and Nigel for getting him to Airedale. Now we know who gets the stabilizer award. Hopefully you’ll make a quick recovery Neil and be back in time for the Tour.

A nervous bunch takled the rest of the ride, careful to avoid any more gravel episodes.  We considered going up Langbar but it was decided it was getting late… Another week perhaps.