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Early Bird Ride

Could have done with a canoe in places this morning but the Early Bird ride did go ahead.  I’m really stacking up the miles this year!  Mind you I was the only one daft enough to go out this morning and I’m still trying to dry my gloves at work before home time.

The Ellis-Briggs winter bike is holding up well though.  You can’t beat proper mudguards for staying drier.

Here’s the route if your interested – http://app.strava.com/activities/33429099


Saturday Early Bird Ride

The first Early Bird ride was a great success.  I wasn’t sure if i could get up that early, but I managed it and so did 3 other Scwheelers.  It turned out to be a great ride in the morning sunshine, watching the sun come up.  Plenty of climbs to be had on the way including Langbar and Cow and Calf.

Join us next week!  See our Early Birds ride page for more details.