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First womens monday ride

This weeks Womens Monday Ride

This weeks women’s ride will follow the same format we’ve been running for the last few week.  A 15 mile-ish route with a few small hills.  Any kind of bike is welcome as the pace is friendly but if you get enjoy it a drop handlebar is recommended.

If you have any worries about not being fit enough or not your not sure if you can keep up, please don’t be worried as nobody is left behind.  Also the great thing about cycling is your fitness really improves even with just a few weeks riding.

You don’t need to worry about being a member of the club in order to try it out but if you come regular, membership is £15 for individuals.

So come an give it a try. We meet at Glusburn Institute at 6.40pm and set off at 6.50pm.  Hopefully we’ll see you there.



First Womens Monday Ride

Hello Guys,

Just a reminder that the first womens ride will take place tomorrow.  Meeting in Glusburn Institute car park at 6.40pm and setting off at 6.50pm.

This is the first week so it will be it will be a shorter flatter ride to see how everybody gets on.  There’s no need to worry about the pace being too fast.  The idea is to ride as a group and have fun.  There will be some small hills to avoid riding on the main roads.

A map of the route can be found here – http://www.brytonsport.com/mapTrackView?id=2825805

Lights are advisable just in case and everyone should have a spare tube and pump in case of a puncture.

Hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow.

Paul & Yasmine

South Craven Wheelers


Calling all women cyclists!

Our weekly Monday night womens ride has been set up just for cyclists of the fairer sex to go for a friendly ride on quite lanes around the South Craven area.

It is perfect for you if you are new to road cycling and want to meet other like minded women.

Starting from next Monday 22nd of April we will be meeting at Glusburn institute for a social ride of about 15 to 20 miles in length.  For the first few week the meeting time will be 6.40pm, setting off at 6.50pm  As is our usual philosphy on group rides, nobody will get left behind.

For more info on dates and meeting times check our Monday Night Page.

girls cycling

Monday Night Womens Ride **Updated**

Hello Guys,

I’m gathering interest in a Monday Night Women only ride to start in the springtime.  Along a similar lines to our Thursday Night ride, at a friendly pace and about 2 hours in length.  Just like our Thurday Ride the aim is to ride a route mainly on quiet b-roads away from traffic.

If your intersted please send an email to paul.gibson@ellisbriggscycles.co.uk and join our newsletter for reguarler news and discussion from the club.


Pauls run over wheel!

Thursday Ride – Neutral Service!

Last weeks Thursday ride was an old favourite for me.  An easy start through Connonley and Carlton to Skipton and then on to Embsay and along the back road via Halton East to Bolton Abbey, before riding back to Glusburn via Ilkley and Silsden.

Disaster struck just after Embasy, when we’re riding single file along a singletrack road.  Anyway to cut a long story short, there was a tangle of bikes and a front wheel which had been run over by a car.  Luckily nuetral service arrived quickly (in the shape of Andy Wiggins, Skipton Cycling Club.  Many thanks to him) and sorted our Paul Fitz with a new wheel and we carried on.

riding past Scar Top reservoir

Scar Top Ride

Wonderful tarmac here!

Wonderful tarmac here!

Last night turned out to be a warm but hazy night.  The sun didn’t peak through the clouds once, but it remained dry for once!

Neil and Nigel decided to have a head start while I waited for any stragglers to arrive at Glusburn Institute.  In the end it was Peter and Steve K who turned up, so the chase was on.  It took us until halfway round the ride at Scar Top Reservoir to cathc the supposedly unfit Neil (back form his broken collarbone) and Nigel.  And even then they we waiting for us at the top of the hill watching clay pidgeon shooting.

Next were fast road and great tarmac, almost all the way to Oakworth Neil and Nigel went home through Keighley.  We just had the sketchy descent down to Slippery Ford and then the final descent down to Sutton before scooting back home to Glusburn.