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South Craven Waders!

South Craven Waders

Nigel during one of the dry spells

Nigel during one of the dry spells

We may have to rename the Wheelers as “The South Craven Waders” if this monsoon weather doesn’t end soon!  Last nights ride started off badly with all the waders, sorry wheelers, sheltering under a tree outside Glusburn Institute!  Right after everyone turned up, we had our first downpour, but after it subsided we decided to set off.  There were calls to go to the pub but the rest of us summoned up our mental toughness and and rode up to Cowling Pinicle.

Thunder and lightning pursuaded us to head back down to Sutton where we ended up sheltering in Sutton park while it bounced down.  After a rather wet hour of total wading time we headed home.