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Col de Ellers!

Well I’d never ridden up Ellers before so I though it might make a nice change to start the route up it.  By the time I got to the top (with a 42 – 25) I’d realised why i’ve never bothered going up it!

3 Scwheelers had already set off and we didn’t catch the escapees until Laneshaw Bridge but it turned out they’d gone up West Lane instead and avoided Ellers!

Anyway what a great night.  Warm but not too warm and hardly a cloud in the sky.  Perfect cycling weather…


riding past Scar Top reservoir

Scar Top Ride

Wonderful tarmac here!

Wonderful tarmac here!

Last night turned out to be a warm but hazy night.  The sun didn’t peak through the clouds once, but it remained dry for once!

Neil and Nigel decided to have a head start while I waited for any stragglers to arrive at Glusburn Institute.  In the end it was Peter and Steve K who turned up, so the chase was on.  It took us until halfway round the ride at Scar Top Reservoir to cathc the supposedly unfit Neil (back form his broken collarbone) and Nigel.  And even then they we waiting for us at the top of the hill watching clay pidgeon shooting.

Next were fast road and great tarmac, almost all the way to Oakworth Neil and Nigel went home through Keighley.  We just had the sketchy descent down to Slippery Ford and then the final descent down to Sutton before scooting back home to Glusburn.